Diaper Detective is your cloth tribe. Your resource for prints. Your connection to the cloth diaper community.

Who are the diaper detectives?

You are! As for us, we are a couple of cloth diaper parents that love this community. As we sunk deep into the world of exclusive prints and finding the perfect unicorn diaper, we realized that we needed a central place for parents to come together and help each other find prints, exchange ideas, find a fairy or stocking buddy and simply chat about all things cloth. So we built it and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s our Community

In addition to the front page posts, news features, and real stories from inside our rad community, most of the action happens in the forums! Check out Stash Chats for general cloth discussion (and post a stash shot while you’re there!), Detective Community to connect with retailers and parents by brand, Fairy Finder when you need a fairy, and Stocking buddy when you just can’t make that release.

Ranks, Badges & Snaps?!

Climb up the RANKS as you comment, post and engage in the chats! You earn SNAPS for being active on the site and you’ll hit new ranks with cool logos and weird titles!

Earn BADGES for taking part in special events, winning contests, being a fairy or stocking buddy, and unlocking secret achievements! Flair your rank and badges in all your comments too!


Get your video featured on the front page! Send us your stories and pictures of real cloth life to be featured in a post and on our Facebook and Instagram. Snag that exclusive badge if your chosen! We’ll also run other types of contests and giveaways so keep an eye on the news and social media!

Change the World

We’re working on partnering with non-profits and companies to help those diapering families less fortunate. Stay tuned for ways we’ll be implementing some cool stuff with critical organizations in our space to hep impact real families with kids in diapers.

Come Introduce Yourself!

Press that shiny “REGISTER” button up there and create an account. Head on over to Stash Chats and introduce yourself by posting a stash shot! Come join us and find your rare unicorn diaper (or helping someone else find theirs!). Be a Fairy. Find a Stocking Buddy. SAVE THE WORLD!



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