Are You A Fairy? (Asking the real questions)

Want that exclusive diaper being released only at that expo all the way across the country?  Going to an expo and want to gain some bonus points in the diaper world and score some exclusives for your friends?  Welcome to Fairy Finder! Here you have the opportunity to connect with someone who either needs a diaper or wants to score a diaper for you!

Here’s how it works

  • Go to the Fairy Finder tab and see if a topic has been started for the particular expo or exclusive you are looking for.  Start one if you don’t see one yet!
  • Post whether you are looking to be a fairy or need a fairy
  • Chat with other humans are make your fairy dreams come true!
  • Coordinate any payment and shipping between yourselves. We recommend using a trusted service like PayPal.

Earn your bragging rights!

If you’ve changed a life by being a fairy or just became best friends with YOUR new fairy, make sure to give them a badge! The super exclusive, highly sought after, beautiful badge over there will be bestowed upon both of you! Now everyone across the site will know how cool you are cuz the badge shows up in all of your comments. Sweet.


Let us know (so we can bestoweth your badge)

We want to make sure we award badges to those who actually wore those fairy wings. To keep the integrity (and exclusivity), post the story on the Fairy Finder Forum and include a selfie from the expo! Let everyone know how cool you guys are!

Then, make sure we see your post by tagging @diaperdetective so we can check it out and award your shiny new badge!

Feel Really Good

That was cool, wasn’t it. We can’t wait to hear about it!



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