What is the Stocking Buddy Forum?

Dying for that exclusive from your favorite retailer but have to work during release time?  Need the new exclusive from your favorite retailer but they don’t ship to Canada?  Hop into the Stocking Buddy tab and reach out to your friends!

Stocking Buddy is a multifunctional forum to help you score that diaper whether the timing is bad or you location prevents you from being able to purchase the diaper.

As a stocking buddy, you get to make someone’s dreams come true, earn points at your favorite retailer AND earn a badge for helping your friends out.

So How Does This Work?

  • Go to the Stocking Buddy Tab and start looking around for the event, release, diaper you are interested in
  • Decide if you are in need of a stocking buddy or look deep inside and maybe find out that you ARE the Stocking Buddy
  • Chat with other people, make new friends, and buddy up for the next big stock release!
  • Coordinate any payment and shipping between yourselves. We recommend using a trusted service like PayPal.

Get Thanked!

Nothing here would be complete without the presence of a super-exclusive badge! If you performed the noble duty of a Stocking Buddy or partnered with someone that hooked you up, make sure to nominate each other for the Stocking Buddy Badge!!

All you gotta do is post in the forums about each other and your stories and tag @diaperdetective so we can stock you up with your new badge!

Your Life has changed

We bet you just can’t wait to get that shiny new exclusive diaper strapped onto your kid so they can christen it with poop.


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