Diaper Detective is (beta) Launching! Earn these 3 badges!

It’s here! Your tribe of fellow cloth-diaperers all together in an online community! Complete with:

Stash Chats for chatting about all things cloth

Detective Community to find your unicorn

Fairy Finder for those parenting expo exclusives

Stocking Buddy to never miss an exclusive again


Every comment, post, daily visit and action earns you points called SNAPS that move you up the ranks! How high can you get your rank!? Can you make it to Master Super Hero Cloth Diaper Evangelist?


Special action you perform around the site will earn you badges! Like being a fairy, posing a stash shot, and taking part in special events! Your badges will show up on your profile and in your comments signature!

Sign up for free and earn your first three badges right now!

The Pioneer Badge

Sign up within the beta period and forever cherish your pioneer badge. Give us feedback so we can make this the best community site it can be! Badge is automatically awarded upon sign up!

The Stash Shot Badge

Jump into Stash Chats and post your stash shot for all to envy! Make sure to tag @diaperdetective so we can award your badge and make this official!


The Winner Badge

Front page video, pictures and stories featured across the site and social media! Submit your content to us and if you win, we’ll feature your content everywhere and we’ll award you with the super exclusive winner badge! Submit your content here!

What are you waiting for! Jump in now and snap into the convos! 

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