Spotlight on Retailers!

We love our Retailers!

Diaper Detective is a community based group.  The center of our group is our retailers.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on all those gorgeous prints put out by our favorite manufacturers.  We want to highlight how Diaper Detective can help our retailers.

How you can be involved.

Our favorite retailers help us find the best diapers for our babies.  You help us trouble shoot our laundry routines, give us first access to limited edition diapers, host giveaways to introduce us to new brands and help connect parents within the cloth diapering world.  Diaper Detective is just as much a home to you as it is to your customers.  You can post any remaining exclusive/limited edition/retired prints you have in the Detective Community.  You can also search the brand specific forums and respond to anyone who is looking for a specific print you happen to have in stock. The Detective Community also has forums under each brand where you can post brand specific sales and promotions you have going on (you know how much we love our sales).  You can post about your latest exclusive in the Stocking Buddy forum and help start the discussion for parents to look for/act as stocking buddies so no one misses out.

Here’s a Badge!

You are also awarded the Retailer Badge so prospective buyers know that you are an official retailer.  Simply fill out this form.  You can customize your profile to show your location and promote your rewards program.  We also have packages for purchase to be featured on the front page or hold a sticky post in the forums to promote sales and exclusives.


During Earth Day and Black Friday, we’ll open up a dedicated page.  This will be a great place for you to showcase your sales and promotions for your customers to keep an eye out for.  You know how much we love your sales and planning out our Earth Day and Black Friday shopping carts!

Online Presence?

Diaper Detective isn’t limited to stores with an online presence.  It’s also perfect for our Brick and Mortar friends!  This is a great tool for you to reach an audience beyond your local community.  We know that so many Brick and Mortar only retailers hold a lot of retired and limited edition stock that kids are pooping their diapers to get their hands on. This is your chance to reach an online community of engaged cloth diaper parents from all over.  The best part is that all accounts and access to our forums is free!

Get started today! Press that attractive looking REGISTER button up there. You never know what unicorns you can help your customers find!


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