Who are these detectives?

We’ve all been there. Looking down at your diaper stash longing for that exclusive that sold out or that retired print that would look so good next to the others. Hey, you’re not alone! You’ve got detectives on your side!

What is the Detective Community?

This is where it all started. The original idea. Our little husband and wife team (well the baby too, although he just trained us on cloth diapering) wanted a place where like-minded parents could come obsess over their exclusive, retired and limited edition prints. We saw comments all over the internet asking where, when, who has what, over and over but those posts were just getting buried. So we decided we wanted a community dedicated to our mutual obsession.

Who is it for?

The Detective Community forums is dedicated to anyone looking for those hard-to-find prints and those that know where to find them! You’ll run into parents that may have the juicy details and retailers, both large and small, that might have stock of exactly what you are looking for! Retailers and parents can connect here so that no exclusive print goes un-pooped on! If you need a special diaper or have one in stock, post it here!

How it works

This page is split up by brand. Each brand category has forums inside it, labeled “Finder” and “Sales.” If you’re looking for something or have something, post here! If you are a retailer or just looking for those sweet sweet sales, well you guessed it, that’s over in the “Sales” forums. If you see someone with the special RETAILER BADGE , then they might have your special unicorn. If you are looking for a diaper, don’t be shy and post it in there! These forums will be visited by parent and retailer alike and all forums are searchable!

What’s next?

If you haven’t registered, hurry! Your unicorn might already be posted! See that pretty Register button up there? It is soooo clickable. Just waiting there for you to click it.


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