Exclusive Release Today from Cloth Diaper Kids

Cloth Diaper Kids is re-releasing AppleCheeks diapers in the Purple Rain color in One Size, MiniZips and Size 1 & 2 Storage Sacs.  PR is an older color and it only came in the sized diapers before so we’ve done a small run in these products to bring it back!

What makes this awesome

What makes it awesome…we’ve partnered with Kids Save The Rainforest, a charitable organization that has a sanctuary reserve in Costa Rica to help re-plant the rainforest.  For every Purple Rain product (diaper or wet bag) sold, the customer will get a tree planted in Parrita, Costa Rica and we will create our very own Cloth Diaper Kids + AppleCheeks ‘Purple Rain’ Forest!  It’s an actual place you can go visit.  They focus on education, protecting the rainforest and empowering children to help effect that change.
In addition to helping re-plant the rainforest, this organization (which was founded by 2 girls) rehabilitates and releases injured and endangered animals back into the rainforests they help to plant and planting is done by employing locals which in turn ripples out to help the local economy. #RippleEffect

Who we are

Cloth Diaper Kids is your Canadian online specialty boutique with all the need-to-have-brands of cloth diapers, fast shipping and sound advice to be successful and help you love your cloth diapering journey!  We are small and family owned based in Alberta, Canada and we’ve been serving eco-minded families for over 8 years. We carry BumGenius, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Thirsties, Rumparooz, EcoPosh, Bummis, Funky Fluff, GroVia, AMP, Smart Bottoms, Flip and more.

Where to find us

Shop at: www.ClothDiaperKids.com

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What now?

Visit Cloth Diaper Kids at their website and interact with them right here on Diaper Detective. Go ahead, press that shiny REGISTER button up there and you’ll earn your first badge! Post your stash shot and earn another! Find all your limited edition prints, exclusives (Like Purple Rain!), hard to find prints and the good sales too. Find a Fairy and Stocking Buddy! Enter our picture, video and story contests (oh and earn a badge for that too) and be featured on our front page! This is your cloth tribe!


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