Do you get #DiaperFOMO?

We all get it…the Fear of Missing Out! Find your exclusive and hard-to-finds prints on Diaper Detective and don’t get #DiaperFOMO EVER AGAIN!

How to not get it

That’s pretty much the whole reason we built Diaper Detective, because we were tired of all the FOMO for exclusive and limited diaper prints! Use the Detective Community to connect with retailers and other parents to find your unicorn print! Jump over to the Stocking Buddy so you don’t miss out on an exclusive release online and be stuck with a consolation prize consisting of a full shopping cart of FOMO. Fairy Finder will help you avoid all that FOMO you might get for missing prints exclusive to events like MommyCon!

How to use the Detective Community (and avoid Diaper FOMO)

The Detective Community is split up by brand. Each brand category has forums inside it, labeled “Finder” and “Sales.” If you’re looking for something or have something, post here! If you are a retailer or just looking for those sweet sweet sales, well you guessed it, that’s over in the “Sales” forums. If you see someone with the special RETAILER BADGE , then they might have your special unicorn. If you are looking for a diaper, don’t be shy and post it in there! These forums will be visited by parent and retailer alike and all forums are searchable!

What’s next?

If you’re the type that loves to Instagram, visit our IG page and use the hashtag #DiaperFOMO and show us which unicorn prints you just can’t live without! If you haven’t registered on Diaper Detective, hurry! Your unicorn might already be posted! See that pretty Register button up there? It is soooo clickable. Just waiting there for you to click it.


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