Non-profit Spotlight: The Rebecca Foundation

Non-profit cloth diaper lending program with local chapters across the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Who we are

With 1 in 3 families facing diaper need in the United States, TRF promotes a sustainable alternative to single-use diapers for families struggling to afford basic necessities for their child. Many TRF chapters also provide disposable diapers for families unable to incorporate cloth diapers into their lifestyle or in times of emergency relief after natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. TRF is a 100% volunteer-run organization based out of Bend, Oregon and is a member of the National Diaper Bank Network.

Our Cloth Diaper Program

Through donations from families, diaper shops, and cloth diaper manufacturers from around the U.S., The Rebecca Foundation provides free cloth diaper loans for eligible families in one of our four programs:

  • National Fluffy Bums: any family struggling to maintain an adequate supply of diapers for their child
  • Operation Fluffy Bums: military families stationed in the U.S. or abroad
  • Foster Fluff: foster families caring for infants in diapers
  • Special Needs Fluff: families with a child (up to age 18) who has special needs and requires diapers

A supply of 12-18 cloth diapers is given per child for one year with extensions possible. Diapers can be swapped out for larger sizes as baby grows. This starter supply of diapers allows families to build their cloth diaper stash with money saved or to supplement their disposable diaper routine. Once the diapers are no longer needed, they are returned to their local chapter to be repaired as required, sanitized, and redistributed to other families.

As part of the cloth diaper program, TRF provides the education and support needed to make cloth diapering work. Chapters host cloth diaper classes or work with families 1-on-1 to help them get started. Seasoned cloth diaper moms also give families personal assistance in TRF’s private group.


How to get involved

Donate Diapers: We accept new & usable cloth diapers and accessories at all of our community based chapters, as well as disposable diapers at our Bend chapter.

Donate Money: To sustain the cause!

Apply for Cloth Diapers: Eligible families interested in receiving cloth diaper loans will first need to apply via our online application and provide all the required documentation.

Visit our new Diaper Bank in Bend, Oregon: Bend’s first hybrid diaper bank opened in February 2018. In addition to providing cloth and disposable diapers, we will also provide personal hygiene products. The bank is located at 497 SW Century Drive, Suite 120.

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What now?

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