Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions!


How do I sign up?

Just press that shiny REGISTER button up there on the top right! Either use your email or login with facebook! Once your account is activated, you’re in! Start posting, commenting, and show us your stash shot!

What is Diaper Detective?

Diaper Detective is your cloth tribe. Your resource for prints. Your connection to the cloth diaper community. It’s a place for cloth diaper parents and retailers and every one else in our badass community to come together and chat all things cloth. Here you can engage with retailers, find a fairy or stocking buddy, or learn all the basics about cloth diapering! Dive in and climb the ranks and earn badges! Check out our post to learn more!

What is Fairy Finder?

Want that exclusive diaper being released only at that expo all the way across the country?  Going to an expo and want to gain some bonus points in the diaper world and score some exclusives for your friends?  Welcome to Fairy Finder! Here you have the opportunity to connect with someone who either needs a diaper or wants to score a diaper for you! Check out this post explaining more!

What is Stocking Buddy?

Dying for that exclusive from your favorite retailer but have to work during release time?  Need the new exclusive from your favorite retailer but they don’t ship to Canada?  Hop into the Stocking Buddy tab and reach out to your friends! More info in our post!

What is Stash Chats?

Stash Chats is a free-for-all forum where you can chat about anything! Anything at all about cloth diapering! Make sure to go post your STASH SHOT and tag @diaperdetective so we can bestow your badge!

What is Detective Community?

This is where it all started. This is the place where you can chat with other members and retailers about those exclusive prints. Use these forums to find or reveal where all the good stuff is!

How do I earn Ranks?

You earn SNAPS (points) for everything you do on the site, like commenting, posting, earning badges and even logging in every day! Your Snaps add up and you get to new ranks once you hit certain threshholds. Can you become the Master Super Hero Cloth Diaper Evangelist?

How do I earn badges?

Badges are earned by performing specific tasks or taking part in particular events. If you perform the duties or a fairy or stocking buddy, you get a badge (make sure to tag us @diaperdetective in your story post about your experience and we’ll award your badge!

Other badges can be earned for specific events or special limited actions so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and blog!


Every month we’ll run contests where you can submit videos, pictures and stories and we’ll choose the winners to be featured all over the site and our social media channels! Submit your content through the forms on the About Us page! Will your cloth kid video be featured on the front page? Is your story moving and going to make us all cry? We’ll feature you in our posts! Send it in to us! After all, this community is for all of us, let’s share experiences!

How do I embed a picture in a post or comment?

You can embed pictures and videos into any comment. Use a service like Imgur or YouTube to host your content and then just paste the URL directly in the comment. It automatically embeds and there is no formatting needed!


How do I become a featured retailer?

We will have different packages for retailers to be able to feature their store, products and services. This will include featured posts, forum stickies and social media exposure for purchase. Please email us for more info!


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